Welcome into the wonder world of
sub sea rockdumping


Welcome into the wonder world of sub sea rock dumping.

Why this website? Make money? Noooh, it's only costing time.... Being interesting? Mwah, no, there are much more interesting things in this world then just being interesting. Have you asked for it? No, probably not. And, as with many things: we didnít either.

But some time ago somebody asked to write an article in the monthly VOACZ in-house magazine "Out of the Pipeline" about the fall pipe vessels. These vessels dump rock on the seabed in deep water for all kinds of purposes. Never heard of it? Well, then just read on. You've heard about it? Then you have probably asked yourself why are these strangers dumping rock. Ok, then just continue reading and do not try to search the web for it. Nothing can be found there about rock dumping. We explain it here. Ah, we did not succeed? Or not sufficiently? Please let us know! Oh, you know everything about it? That's cool!... Please share your experiences with us. And let's make sure that this unique skill is kept safe for the future.


What are the plans? We explain here the purpose of dumping rock on the seabed. Because it's an invisible occupation it sounds a bit strange. But you will see that it is a unique, and nowadays hi-tech profession where people, technique and nature sometimes co-operate, but sometimes also fight each other. Besides a description of the history, as many ships as possible will be briefly mentioned. Attention will be paid to companies and contractors who have been active and still are active in the rock dumping market. And we want to make space for your stories, entertaining (or less entertaining?) experiences and anecdotes, about the many people who worked and still work with, vessels and rock, water, current and waves. And you have something that should absolutely be on this website? Please let us know. With your co-operation it will be even more complete and clear!

Enjoy reading and surfing!

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